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This Covid-19 Pandemic is a silentkiller that had the audacity to destroy everything that crossed its path. Noone was spared! Millions of humans had succumbed to this highly-contagiousair-borne virus. Countless companies had gone bankrupt and restaurants wereslowly going defunct. People were highly skeptical of the hygiene standards ofrestaurants and were not at all convinced to order anything from outside because they feared that it is either through the delivery driver or the foodparcel package that the virus could creep into their homes! By this time, World Health Organization (WHO) had even declared that this virus can be contractedthrough human-touch, contaminated surfaces and even through consumption of foodthat was made in an un-sanitized kitchen. And yet somehow, certain restaurants were reeling in profits despite the lockdown across nations worldwide. It wasn’t the fate that had helped these restaurants succeed but many corona-specific safety measures that App like Gojek had introduced and implemented.    

TheseSafety measures for Restaurants by Powerful Gojek like App had done wonders fortheir bottom-line. 

It is because of the measures enlisted below that helped the restaurants to regain their customers’ trust back that was lost due to the pandemic-induced hygiene concerns.   

a. It was made mandatory for Restaurants to upload pictures of their kitchen, cold storage room, working stations for customers to browse through  

This feature requires the App owner to click pictures of the Restaurant, of the kitchen, of the chefs’and waiters’ wearing masks and gloves, of the cleanliness of the refrigerator and the working stations, of the multiple installed sanitizer-bottles all around the seating area – all of this is to simply to help persuade the customers that all the WHO corona-safety guidelines are being followed and that they can order food from them because their kitchen is regularly sanitized. Once the pictures are clicked, the App Owner has to then upload them in Gojek Clone’s Restaurant App.   

The App Owner can evenaward “WHO Safety Badge” to those restaurants that maintain high-hygiene standards and strictly follow all the corona-specific cleanliness guidelines. Once User starts browsing through the food menu of a particular restaurant, the option of “View Images” will be available right on top of the screen.   

Not only this, temperature-checks of the entire workforce including the Delivery Drivers have been brought into routine.  

b. Android-based Food Kiosk stationed at the Restaurants  

Customers are now being provided with the option of self-ordering using a Food Kiosk when they physically visit the Restaurant. This feature has truly made the dining experience contactless. Because orders are now being taken through the Kiosk, waiters are no longer needed to attend every customer that steps in. The FoodKiosk automatically sends an alert to the Admin Dashboard of the Restaurant’s App about the recent order placed and its details.   

Self-ordering has revolutionized the food industry dynamic. More orders are taken in shorter amount of time and only half the workforce is needed to run the Restaurant. Also, even when a customer is ordering through a Kiosk, the App owner earns acertain percentage of the bill amount as the commission. It is because the Restaurant and the App Owner have an agreement that the self-ordering process through the Food Kiosk can only be done using Gojek Clone of the owner. 

Once the order is ready, the customer can either decide to dine-in or take-away.   

c. Customer can themselves Pick-Up the order from the Restaurant   

This feature is called ‘Take-Away’. When the customer is cynical of letting in a complete stranger to his house to deliver the Food Parcel, one might decide to physically collect the parcel fromthe restaurant itself. While browsing through the Food menu and short listing cast items, Users are asked which type of delivery they want, ‘Take Away’ or‘Deliver to your Doors’. It is here your customer will punch in the take-away option.   

d. Contactless delivery is incommonly-used feature now!   

The App Users can opt for contactless delivery under the delivery preference option on the app but then they won’t be able to pay in cash for the order. Only online paid orders qualify for contactless deliveries. The Delivery Drivers are given strict instructions to put the food package at the customers’ doorstep and click a photo of the same for proof. The Delivery Driver has to then upload the proofand mark the order delivered.   

e. Advanced Rating procedure to keep a check on Delivery Drivers  

After the food package is delivered to the customer, the User is then asked whether or not the Delivery Driver was wearing a mask. Another hygiene-related question asked is that whether the deliver contactless or not! Cash transactions are one of the lethal modes of coronavirus transmission.   


Launch custom Gojek Clone App of your own with such superior corona-safety features and see your business expand exponentially in coming years. This app is your one-stop solution to allof your customers’ on-demand service requests.   

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