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Bizzby Clone – Game changer in the Home Services Industry

Create a Powerful On-Demand Services App for Your Home Services Industry

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We all like it when we receive quick help, correct? Thanks to Uber, the service industry has been successful on a whole to deliver smooth as well as quick services to the customers and streamline and automate its daily operational activities along with assisting the service provider at large to earn a few extra pennies and get more jobs.

Let us get into the statistical records to understand this even better.

Statistical Records to Prove the Flourishing Future of the Service Industry Courtesy Mobile Apps

According to a report by PwC, it has been found that the on-demand mobile apps and websites will on a whole bring in huge revenues of around 335 billion dollars by the year 2025 for the service industry, on a whole.

Other reports have shown that over 79 percent of the labour in the on-demand economy work part-time and the overall labour market would flourish by 18.5 percent annually in the upcoming five years.

These figures are enough to actually depict the promising and flourishing future of the service industry courtesy the presence of its mobile apps.

The major service provider app that has especially changed the entire facet of the home service industry is the Bizzby App.

Let us know a little about this solution first.

home cleaning app
Bizzby App – About

The solution was created in the year 2012 to act as a platform to connect the customers with service providers like electricians, mechanics, etc, to name a few.

Keeping in sync with the mantra Any Services Anywhere, the solution assists the customers to book the home services whenever they need them just at the tap of a few buttons on their smartphone or iPhone device and receive immediate help.

Thanks to the quick help provided by the solution, it has seen over 838 monthly app downloads, along with being 1,166,904 among other websites globally courtesy it having over 13,908 monthly visitors along with having a revenue of around 5.5 million dollars.

All these reasons have gone on to make the solution popular among the home service industry owners keen on digitizing the services of their industry on a whole and delivering smooth home services to the customers and have thus motivated them to adopt solutions such as the Bizzby clone

However, the industry needs to have some of the integrations present in the clone so that they can deliver smooth services to the customers first and second are able to gain a huge user base as well at the same time.

Integrations to be Present in Bizzby Clone
  1. Multiple Services like home emergency, electrical, handyman, etc. , so that customers can choose the service of their choice
  2. Provide easy search so that when your customers just type the initial three words they can locate the service they are looking for
  3. Integrate in-built messaging so that your customer and home service provider can smoothly communicate with each other
  4. Integrate discounts and promotions so that your customers remain glued to your solution
  5. Contain a solution for your home service provider with all the necessary features like manage booking, statistics, set availability online, etc., to help them automate and streamline their daily organizational activities.

So, make sure to have these integrations present in your bizzby clone and see yourself building a powerful home service industry for your customers that, in turn, would be successful in helping you make enormous profits along the way.

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